I'm Edan Brooke

Junior DevOps Engineer and tech enthusiast
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About me

Tinkering with tech, drinking tea and coffee, enjoying good food and hanging out with friends and family is my ideal way of life. I work as a junior DevOps engineer and have experience as a web developer and an IT support technician which gives me a diverse skill set.

I'm 19 years old, though my interest in computers started at a young age. I started my first IT-based project when I was 14 with many friends and family members making use of it. Since then, my passion has only grown and I'm always wanting to learn more and do more.

Experience and Skills


As a junior DevOps engineer, I work with software such as Docker and Kubernetes and with services such as Google Cloud and AWS. It is a very hands-on role with a varied set of responsibilities.


I am proficient in diagnosing and repairing computer systems to industry standards. This is why so many friends and local organisations call on me to help with their IT woes.

I hold a Cisco ITE vendor qualification which reflects my capabilities in computer hardware.


Planning, installing, configuring and maintaining computer networks of various topologies and sizes is something I take delight in doing. I am familiar with all networking fundamentals and have worked with server operating systems and tools in both Windows and Linux environments.

Web development

Having worked as a web developer for upwards of 1 year, I am familiar with modern web technologies and am an experienced software engineer. I specialise in backend PHP development but am also knowledgeable in frontend development.

I still do software development as a hobby and continue to develop the My Church platform.


After experimenting with VoIP technologies in my early teen years, I was finally given the opportunity to put my skills to good use at Block 8 Digital where I was asked to install and maintain an Internet-based phone system for the company.

Using Asterisk and FreePBX, I achieved this goal and also integrated the system into the company's internal dashboard using Asterisk AGI. Good stuff!

Customer service

I firmly believe that delivering a good experience to users and customers is the most important element of providing IT services. That's why I go above and beyond to establish a positive rapport with each person I work with.

I am experienced in customer service following my time at Block 8 and I always maintain a professional yet friendly and approachable behaviour.